spring in the Smokies

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A very early spring in the Smokies ....

The calendar may have shown it was February, but the weather definitely felt like April. One weather forecast was calling for snow while another was calling for severe thunderstorms. I thought for sure we would find snow or encounter a flooding rain along the drive through the mountains, but except for a stray icicle in the most shady parts this first trip to the Smokies turned out to be perfect.

The pictures below are from the New Found Gap Road drive through the park. Technically it was still winter, but everything was just about to bud and burst with life for the upcoming season. It made for some interesting shots in the woods along the way as you were still able to see the sky and mountains through the forest because the leaves and canopy had not filled in yet. If you have not planned a trip to the east Tennessee mountains I highly suggest you do and get away from it all. Until you can get there yourself, please enjoy the photos below.

If you need any photography, graphic design or web site work done this spring or any season, please contact me to see how I can be of help to you. Thanks for looking around!



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